U-Joint Preoperative Education Class

Recent literature demonstrates that patients who attend education classes prior to surgery have better outcomes. At Centerpoint Medical Center, we believe that preoperative education classes are essential and invite you to attend our U-Joint Preoperative Education Class.

Preoperative education has been associated with:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Better post-operative pain control
  • More realistic expectations of surgery
  • A better understanding of your surgical procedure

Many patients are discharged in as little as 1 day. In 2018, we replaced over 700 joints and nearly all of our patients are up and walking the day of surgery.

Class Information

Classes are offered every other Wednesday. Registration is available online or you can register through our preadmission testing office by calling (816) 698-7114.

We encourage you to bring a coach with you to class. Your coach is someone who will be able to provide support to you after your surgery.

We find that it’s most beneficial for patients to attend our U-Joint preoperative education class and gain from the opportunity to ask questions, interact with others facing surgery and to meet the multidisciplinary team.