Many people in today’s society choose to pursue a lifestyle. Some are elite athletes whose physical performance is their livelihood, many are student-athletes, and still others are avid amateurs who participate in sports for recreation and physical fitness. At Centerpoint Sports Medicine and Wellness, we consider all individuals who pursue an active lifestyle — an athlete. All athletes, despite their different abilities, motivation and goals, share one common need — the need for a fully integrated, comprehensive sports medicine and wellness program that can be tailored each athlete’s goals.

At Centerpoint Sports Medicine and Wellness, we bring together orthopedic surgeons, primary care sports medicine physicians, nurses, physical therapists, athletic trainers and certified strength and conditioning specialists to keep athletes in the game. Our experts treat athletes in all sports, all ages and all skill levels.

Our dedication to keeping the athletic community healthy and active is evidenced by the comprehensive nature of our programming. In addition to providing specialized assessment and treatment for sports-related injuries, our clinical team is also actively involved in educating our area’s athletes, coaches, and parents about injury prevention and recognition. We believe that educational programming is an integral factor to our success and by providing programs to the community which teach proper strength building, flexibility, conditioning, endurance, and training techniques, we can help to minimize the risk of injury occurrence.

Through integrating with local colleges, school districts and community venues, our Sports Medicine and Wellness team has helped thousands of individuals to better understand how to care for their bodies before, during and after participating in athletics.