Advanced intensive care if your newborn needs it.

When choosing where to have your baby, remember that some babies need specialized, 24/7 care. When you choose Centerpoint Medical Center, you can be confident your baby will have access to higher levels of care should those services be necessary.

Our level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), equipped with the latest technology to support preemies and other fragile newborns, keeps babies close to mom and family until they can go home. You can even watch live video of your baby through our available webcam if you need to leave the hospital.

The unit is equipped and staffed to care for babies born as early as 28 weeks and other infants with serious health issues. Our experienced NICU team provides round-the-clock care in a nurturing, secure environment, and includes as many as 175 specialized health care professionals, such as:

  • Neonatologists, pediatric doctors who are specially trained and experienced in caring for ill and premature infants
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners with advanced degrees and training in caring for high-risk newborns
  • Registered nurses experienced in neonatal intensive care
  • Respiratory therapists to help babies whose lungs may not be fully developed 
  • Social workers who specialize in supporting you and your babies needs during their NICU stay and transition home
  • Breastfeeding support and guidance to make sure your baby gets the vital nutrients and nurturing that only you can provide. Our lactation consultants are trained to help even the most premature babies receive mother’s breast milk.
  • This highly trained and coordinated team goes beyond advanced lifesaving urgent care, also focusing on developmental issues such as muscle control and feeding capability. And the team is backed up by all the resources of HCA Midwest Health, such as:
    • Dietician specialized in neonatal nutrition needs
    • Speech, physical and occupational therapy
    • Radiology and other imaging services
    • Surgical services
    • Laboratory testing
    • Clinical and personal support


When the timing is right for your newborn, our NICU features “rooming-in” rooms, specially designed for parents transitioning their babies from the NICU to home. Rooming in for 1-2 nights prior to homecoming helps you and your baby bond and prepare for life outside of the hospital.

If your baby needs a higher level of NICU

If your baby is born anywhere in the 13-county region and needs to be moved to a higher-level NICU care within HCA Midwest Health for advanced surgical care or consultation, our neonatal transport team has the specialized staff and equipment to ensure a safe trip. If needed, the team can also transport mothers who still need hospital care, so they can be near their babies.

To find out more about our level III NICU and any of our other services for women and newborns, call us at 1-877-769-6636 or email.