What is the current ER wait time?

The average ER wait time for Centerpoint Medical Center is:


As of:

ER Location

When you enter our Emergency Room (ER), you'll immediately be evaluated through our triage system. The process allows us to determine which patients have the most serious needs and begin their treatment first.

About Triage

In order to deal swiftly with all patients, a specially trained Emergency Department nurse first will assess your condition. The nurse will rank order the life-threatening urgency of your illness or injury. Unforeseen arrivals may disrupt the order in which you are treated. Because many patients arrive by ambulance, you may be unaware of other patients being treated in the department.

If your wait is longer than expected, please understand we are making every effort to assist you as quickly as possible. Whether you are experiencing a minor emergency or a life-threatening situation, we can provide the emergency care you need.

We have convenient parking and easy access at 39th Street and Jackson Drive, close to Independence Center.