Thelma, age 64 from Kansas City, Missouri was diagnosed with Stage II triple-positive breast cancer in 2014. Now, two years following her diagnosis, Thelma is visiting Dr. Rokkam every three months and has a mammogram twice a year. » Read their story

Brian Sterling

I’ve lost 120lbs in 6 months. I’m now able to enjoy doing things with my wife and kids that I couldn’t before. » Read their story

Dan Kremer

Easy & life changing. I’ve lost 151 pounds in 5 months. » Read their story

Robert Ganson

Robert Ganson had been feeling bad for about a week and saw his physician on July 9, 2014, with chief complaint of coughing with productive green sputum, ear ache, muscle aches, chills and a documented temperature of 101 degrees. He was tested for the flu and given a prescription for Azithromycin. He then developed a sharp knifelike pain in the left chest radiating into the left shoulder that had been waxing and waning for 2 days lasting up to 30 minutes at a time. » Read their story

Dora Pennington

The family dog mauled Pennington, 54, of Buckner, Mo., on the morning of Nov. 16, 2015, causing significant injury and profuse bleeding to her left leg. When First Responders transferred her to the Centerpoint Medical Center Level II Trauma Center, Pennington was hypothermic from fighting the dog for hours, had bite injuries covering her extremities and was in hemorrhagic shock. » Read their story

Kendall Moore

Kendall Moore, with a lacerated liver, a collapsed lung and severe head trauma, spent 13 days in a coma in the ICU at Centerpoint Medical Center as family and friends prayed for her survival. Doctors say she suffered severe brain shearing, a traumatic injury where damage to the brain occurs over a widespread area. It is one of the most devastating brain injuries and one of the leading causes of death in people with traumatic brain injury. » Read their story

Paige Thomas

When 2-year-old Paige Thomas fell and broke her clavicle, her mom thought they'd have to leave Independence to find an ER that cared for children. "I decided to call Centerpoint, just in case," said Maggie Thomas, Paige's mom. Centerpoint Medical Center is a Level II Trauma Center that cares for patients of all ages – including children. » Read their story

Joe Giangrosso

For nearly seven years, Joe Giangrosso was too tired to do much of anything despite spending 17 hours a day in bed. He was no longer able to work on a regular basis or enjoy the things he used to love. He was simply too tired. What he found out was astonishing. » Read their story

Blake Brownlee

"I was watching the quality of my life slowly erode," said Blake Brownlee, a 41-year-old police officer. As time went on, it became more and more difficult for him to remain active without experiencing hip pain the next day. After meeting with Dr. Robert M. Drisko, Brownlee learned that he had bone spurs and In-Stage Osteoarthritis in both hips. » Read their story

Lou Ann Carmean

Lou Ann Carmean started seeing Dr. Hux two years ago after experiencing profound left shoulder pain. A routine MRI showed a severe problem in her neck as a result of medication she took for bone marrow cancer. Following a seven-hour surgery, a week’s hospital stay at Centerpoint Medical Center and several weeks of inpatient rehabilitation, Carmean went home just in time to celebrate her 78th birthday. » Read their story

James Seeley

James Seeley considers himself one lucky man. The 66-year-old went to Centerpoint Medical Center's Emergency Department on March 24, 2008 with excruciating pain. He was immediately admitted for gallbladder surgery but during a routine exam prior to the procedure Joseph Evans, MD detected a heart murmur. Dr. Evans brought in cardiologist David Akin, MD to consult on James's case. » Read their story

Bill Vandermeer

When Bill Vandermeer shattered both of his heels after falling nearly 25 feet from a ladder, his professional hockey career should have been over. "It's a career ending injury," said Matt Hess, director of Sports Medicine and Wellness at Centerpoint Medical Center. "There's not a documented case of someone returning to professional sports after such an injury." » Read their story

Helen Matson

"I am now going through rehab at Centerpoint and can say that the quality of nursing did not end with the Heart Unit, but continues on into the Rehab Department. My doctors Rachel Sosland and Terry Gallion are the best in my eyes. I thank God for giving them the desire and drive to become the doctors they are." Helen Matson » Read their story