Marci Webster, RN

By Linda Friedel, KC Nursing News

Marci Webster was recently honored for her excellence in nursing at Centerpoint Medical Center.

Patients frequently reference Webster on patient comment cards, said Michelle Meyer, RN-BC, BSN, director of cardiovascular services at Centerpoint Medical Center. They recognize Webster for her compassion and dedicated care to them, she said. Meyer said Webster has a great sense of humor and puts patients at ease.

“She is truly a patient advocate,” Meyer said. “She is dedicated. She’s driven. I wish we could clone her.”

Webster, RN, is the only inpatient cardiac nurse in her unit. She cares for patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). She acts as a liaison to patients after heart attacks and procedures. She interfaces with a multidisciplinary team of physicians, pharmacists, social services, therapists and dietitians, one of the elements that keeps her smiling.

“I love it. I just love the physicians I work with,” Webster said. “I love the nurses I work with. I love knowing we are making a difference. It’s the No. 1 killer of women.”

Webster educates patients after their procedures, routing them to new healthy lifestyles. She identifies risk factors such as smoking, stress, medication or obesity, then assists patients with resources. Patients can make themselves better, Webster said. She is conversational and personable, but ready for tough love, too, Webster says.

It was a serious event that brought them here, she says.

“I am an honest person. Nobody likes to talk about this,” she said. “We just want you to be healthy.”

Webster’s genuine interest in people helps patients know that she cares, she said. She likes connecting with everyone from co-workers to patients to family members. In high school she had her heart set on teaching until she became a nurse’s aide. She loved helping patients but was constantly telling them, ‘I can’t do that,’ she said. To add to her skill sets, Webster earned her LPN certification, then her RN and is currently enrolled in an online BSN program through Western Governors University. Concurrently, she is studying for her cardiac rehab certification, a new certification program.

“I love to learn,” Webster said.

Part of Webster’s role in cardiovascular services is letting the community in on heart-healthy lifestyles. Webster conducts health fairs at schools and sporting events. She especially likes working with youth and their parents. 

“I love it,” Webster said. “I’m a people person. I like to educate before a problem happens. That is that preventative aspect of heart care.”