Centerpoint Medical Center
February 14, 2017

Patients at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Centerpoint Medical Center enjoyed hundreds of Valentine’s thanks to generous students at The Independence School District.

Peggy Wollery said the words on her Valentine's Day card are so powerful that they help mask the pain of her cancer.

"It does make things a little bit easier. This time of year is a very emotional time and with the treatment we go through it puts us on a roller coaster as it is. So this is a nice little uplift to the day," Wollery said.

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Philip Branch says nearly every year that he makes a Valentine's Day card for his late great-grandmother.

So when the idea came for Thomas Hart Benton Elementary students to make cards for cancer patients at Centerpoint Medical Center's Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, the fifth grader was totally on board with the idea.

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