Centerpoint Medical Center
November 15, 2013

A former KU football player who says he suffers from neurological and cognitive problems after suffering four concussions, is suing the NCAA for damages.

Former Kansas fullback Christopher Powell of Kansas City claims in the lawsuit filed on Monday that the NCAA failed to adequately protect athletes from head trauma. He said his concussions occurred between 1990 and 1994 and claims he is incurring increasing medical expenses.

“A significant number of football players sustain concussions every year,” Dr. Lori Boyajain O’Neill said.

O’Neill is a certified sports medicine specialist with Centerpoint Medical Center. She treats scores of concussions ever year and sees the troubles athletes can suffer.

“For all those times in practice when there’s no violent blow and no large impact, we’re concerned about the potential of repeatedly striking the helmets,” she said. “What does that mean for the rest of their lives? We don’t have those answers yet.”

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