Dr. David Akin, Cardiologist

Centerpoint Medical Center’s 2nd annual Heart and Stroke Great Saves event, held February 26th, 2014, connected patient to caregivers. James Austin, Independence, was mowing his lawn when symptoms began to concern Austin and his wife. Within seven minutes AMR paramedics and the Independence Fire Department arrived at 65-year-old Austin’s residence, determined he was having a heart attack and quickly transported him to Centerpoint Medical Center’s Emergency Department. David Akin, MD, Cardiologist of Midwest Heart and Vascular Specialists, and his cath team performed angioplasty and inserted a stent - just 45 minutes from the time his wife called 911. Thanks to the quick action of first responders and the patient’s family, Centerpoint Medical Center staff were able to perform life-saving treatment.

Independence man thanks first responders who saved him (via KMBC 9 News)