In honor of EMS Week, Centerpoint Medical Center—part of HCA Midwest Health, Kansas City’s leading healthcare provider— will reunite First Responders and trauma and emergency physicians, staff and caregivers with four patients whose lives were saved due to heroic and courageous actions. 

“EMS Week is a great opportunity to celebrate the pre-hospital heroes who go to work each and every day to save a life,” says Centerpoint Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Bret Kolman, FACHE. “These Great Saves are so meaningful as they reunite patients, families, parents, caregivers and the frontline heroes and provide a sense of healing and gratitude.”

“Our trauma team and emergency room staff have the distinct honor of working with some of the region’s best First Responders who represent the most skilled professionals and most compassionate hearts in healthcare,” says Centerpoint Trauma Medical Director Christie Brock, D.O. “Their work in helping to save these patients lives is truly nothing short of a miracle.” 

Following a motor vehicle accident, Robert Proehl, 35, suffered life-threatening injuries, including a collapsed, bleeding lung, thoracic spine fracture, fracture of every rib on the left side and laceration of his spleen with active bleeding.  He required multiple surgeries, including emergent removal of his spleen and emergent placement of a chest tube to re-expand his lung.  He had a full recovery and is home today.

Courtney Baker, 23, was 36 weeks pregnant when she was involved in a motor vehicle collision while traveling at highway speeds.  She was quickly transported to Centerpoint Medical Center for evaluation by both the  trauma team and OB-Gyn staff.  During initial evaluation, fetal monitoring was put in place.  Within 30 minutes, her baby was showing signs of distress. Trauma surgeons and OB worked collaboratively to determine to proceed with an emergency C-section.  Additionally, exploratory surgery was needed to confirm no internal injuries to Courtney.  Baby Quentin was born just over one hour after arrival to the ER.  Both mom and baby are doing well.