Centerpoint Medical Center
September 20, 2016

WHO: Centerpoint Medical Center and Kansas City

WHAT: Youth Baseball Symposium

WHEN: 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Sat., Oct. 8, 2016

WHERE: Kansas City Baseball Academy, 4802 Noland Road, KC, Mo. 64133

COST: $5 at the door and registration required:

WHY: Many baseball and medical professionals, such as the American Sports Medicine Institute agree that youth pitching injuries are at epidemic proportions. To help prevent injury and educate coaches and parents on reducing injuries, techniques to improve performance while preventing injuries and more, Centerpoint Medical Center, in partnership with the KC Baseball Academy, will sponsor a Youth Baseball Symposium.

“One of the results of the rise in popularity of youth baseball is that an increasing number of players are on multiple teams, resulting in pitchers getting sidelined with overuse injuries or injuries requiring surgery,” Dr. Ballard says.  “This symposium will present relevant information to help coaches and parents monitor youth players’ and hopefully prevent future injuries. Partnering with KC Baseball Academy and leading experts in the field here in Kansas City is an important step in ensuring our kids play healthy—we owe it to them to lower risk of injury.”

Attendees will:

*Become familiar with baseball injuries common in young players from youth through high school.

*Learn how to prevent injuries while improving performance.

*Learn how pitching mechanics relate to velocity and injury.

*Obtain tips on conditioning the young player pre-season and during the season.

Presenters include:

*Dr. Gregory Ballard, M.D., Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physician

*Greg Noel, Sports Physical Therapist

*John Renzi, NAMS Certified Trainer

*John Hays, Tom House Certified Pitching Instructor

For more information, call Centerpoint Medical Center at (816) 698-7000.