The National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) recently recognized Centerpoint Epilepsy Center at Centerpoint Medical Center as a Level 3 Center for treatment of epilepsy. Under the direction of Margo Block, DO, this program is staffed by a highly qualified and compassionate team of neurologists, who offer extensive evaluation and treatment options for adults and children (aged 4 and older) with epilepsy and seizure disorders. Centerpoint Medical Center is part of HCA Midwest Health System—Kansas City’s largest healthcare provider and private sector employer.

“It is an honor to be recognized by NAEC for the quality of care that we offer our patients,” says Dr. Block, Centerpoint Epilepsy Center medical director. “Our dedicated staff strives to provide the very best diagnostic services and treatment for each and every patient.”

Dr. Block is board certified in ABPN (American Board of Psychology and Neurology) Neurology and ABPN Clinical Neurophysiology. She completed a one-year epilepsy fellowship with an epilepsy focus at Medical College of Wisconsin, Clinical Neurophysiology.

Studies conducted through Centerpoint Epilepsy Center are interpreted by an epileptologist, a neurologist with advanced experience in epilepsy and EEG, and specialized neuroradiologists, and consultations are available from neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuroradiologists, psychiatrists, counselors, primary care physicians, and social workers. Standard tests include brain magnetic resonance imaging and CT scans.

The Center offers intensive care and general medical/surgical units. Inpatient nursing cares includes vEEG (video EEG) continuous 24/7 monitoring and with scans assessed by an EEG tech or epileptologist. Outpatients may also receive video EEG (vEEG) and ambulatory EEG. Patients may also receive physical, occupational and speech therapy, epilepsy management during pregnancy, and alternative or complementary medicine; with management of epilepsy in special populations that include the elderly, children, and developmentally disabled individuals.

“We are delighted that Centerpoint Epilepsy Center has again received Level 3 NAEC designation,” says Dave Williams, Centerpoint Medical Center chief executive officer. “This program is a shining example of the quality, compassionate care provided to the community by Centerpoint Medical Center.”